And Noah Makes Five: NYC Family Portraits

Ashley, Chris (and Ruby) were my first official clients after announcing Melanie Rose Photography as a full-time project in Spring 2010.

Early on, we started with a maternity session, and that led to me documenting Ruby's entire first year (she was actually my first "First Year" baby).

As the story went, Dylan's upcoming arrival was announced as I wrapped up Ruby's first year, and I happily accepted the invitation to photograph his 12 month milestones. I even took a family trip with the foursome to celebrate Thanksgiving in Texas shortly before moving to San Diego. My first experience of clients turned sweet, caring friends. ❤️

I have had the pleasure of staying in close touch with Ashley through the power of social media, and have visited (and photographed!) her family in Texas. It was with much excitement and honor that 7 and a half years after our first shoot, I had another opportunity to capture some memories during a family mini-session while visiting from Boulder. This time with a third baby joining the crew!

The newest member Noah (now 6 months old) is a joyful, happy soul and it was precious to watch Ruby and Dylan tend to and play with him.

Here's the story of our reunion playdate last weekend. :)