Brand Intake Questionnaire

Please complete as much as you can. We will be reviewing and developing these answers together!

Desired Project Deadline
Desired Project Deadline
Who is responsible for final approvals? Please provide names, titles and contact info.
Getting To Know You
Briefly describe your company, product and/or service.
Navigation, sitemap and functionality priorities and desires. Content consulting requests.
Why should people hire you over your competition?
What methods have you tried in the past or do you have in place now?
What are the top frustrations or weaknesses in your current approach?
List 2-4 primary competitors and their websites
Brand Story & Audience
What message are you sharing that is relevant to everyone?
What services do you offer? How would you like to be seen?
Your ideal audience and target demographic.
What is your call to action? Imagine you are leading a team. What inspires them to follow you?
How are you benefiting others? What do you value most? What can your clients count on from you? What drives you to commit to your clients and them to commit to you?
Let it flow. Any words that come to mind. How do you want people to feel when they see your brand? How do you want people to feel when they’ve experienced your service or product?
Visual Identity
Are there any palettes, seasonal/elemental tones you are drawn to? Are there any color combinations you would like to avoid? Please explain.
Please list at least 3 words describing your visual preferences.
Creating the Content Plan