Melanie has a fresh, realistic style that is natural, beautiful and universally appealing. If you are considering hiring her, do not hesitate. She is a consummate professional and a very gifted photographer - you will be very very pleased!
— Belly-to-baby client: Shar B.
Absolutely, yes!!! This is exactly why I reached out to you a couple months ago and you totally captured exactly what it was I was wanting to have captured. The colors are perfection...you captured the eye shots that I was wanting so naturally and true to what I think I look like. Thank you deeply :) I keep looking at them...they are kind of insane. I’m in utter awe....you are so talented.
— Personal Branding Client: Janet N.
My crazy toddler son, by now deeply in love with his ‘Aunt Melly’, hammed it up for the camera while spinning about like a top. As usual, I was surprised to see a calm, sweet child reflected in the photos - subtle expressions ‘capture[d]... the way I thought only I could see him,’ as my husband has said. The family photos were even more amazing: raw but loving, organic without feeling in the least bit posed.
— Family Portrait Client (x4!): Rachael H.
...I think she really captured our daughter’s ‘spirit’ in the photos, which is funny since I don’t think we even knew what that was yet, but it’s true...I’m going to check with Melanie to see if she does a ‘first 18 years package’
— Maternity and Baby's First Year Client (x2!): Ashley G.
I LOVE THEM. Seriously, this is exactly why I wanted you to take our photos. I just knew I’d have this reaction!!!
— Engagement Session Client: Sarah M.
Melanie is simply an amazing photographer. I was SPEECHLESS when I saw her photos. She can connect so deeply with any baby, child AND adult. She has such an intuitive eye and the resultant photos are truly a work of art. I have hired various photographers for events and children’s photos in the past. No one even comes close to her work. I thought my photoshoot was going to be a disaster with an active 3 year old and a 6 month old. It was completely the opposite. I am still enamored by the photos and I can’t stop printing them for my home and family. I hired her recently for my son’s Christening and once again...a stunning work of art! Don’t bother with other photographers...I HIGHLY recommend Melanie Rose Photography, you will be so impressed with her superb talent!!
— Baby, Family & Event Client: Patricia L.
Whenever Melanie posts our proofs to the convenient online gallery, I always cry. She is able to capture the innocent beauty of our little boy in such a way that makes your heart melt. It is truly indescribable. I am going to miss Melanie when our year is up. I want to have more kids just so Melanie can photograph them!
— Baby's First Year Client: Jenn D.
Thank you so much for capturing such a special day with our family, friends and our new baby. I cannot imagine a birthday celebration without you. I hope you will be able to come back to New York for all the years to come.
— Event/Family Portrait Client (x3!): Heidi U.

All quotes are excerpts from yelp.com reviews and client emails. References available upon request.