Hi! I'm Melanie.

Professionally shooting since 2006 and weaving myself through the web since the 90s. I am a creative consultant and natural light, on-location photographer with a strong focus on photojournalistic portraits, music documentary, retreat and event photography.

A shoot with me will be laid-back and fun as I help tell your stories with my lens, connecting with you through the camera and capturing the sincere, real, silly, lovely moments of your life that will be ever-cherished.

My non-photo time is spent playing music, creating art, coaching and designing, building websites, energy healing, cultivating community, cooking healthy gluten-free meals, writing, dancing, taking care of babies and mothers, driving to the mountains, talking to flowers and gazing at stars.

I'd love to know more about YOU! Tell me here.


Based in sunny San Diego.

I frequently book sessions in Los Angeles, Dallas, Boulder, New York City, Philadelphia and beyond.

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Photo by my sister in-law,  Stephanie Gatschet

Photo by my sister in-law, Stephanie Gatschet